book-pileThis page will be my Wishlist of Books.  I have a wishlist on both Amazon.com and Librarything.com but I just thought I would also post one here. 

 V.C. Andrews

Heart Song


Delia’s Crossing

Twilight’s Child

Midnight Whisper

Darkest hour


Pearl in the Mist

All that Glitters

Hidden Jewel

Tarnished Gold

Music in the Night


Eye of the Storm


Twisted Roots

Into the Woods

Hidden Leaves

Broken Wings

Midnight Flight

Child of Darkness

Garden of Shadows

My Sweet Audrina

Black Cat


Dark Angel

Girl in the Shadow

Fallen Hearts

Gates of Paradise

Delia’s Gift

Web of Dreams

Delia’s Heart

Charmed Books

 Survival of the Fittest

Kiss of Darkness

The Crimson Spell

Vodoo Moon

Haunted By Desire

The Legacy of Merlin

Soul of the Bride

Beware what You wish

A Tale of Two Pipers

The Warren Witches

Inherit the Witch





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