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Hello Everyone,

Unfourtunately I cannot keep going with Mind of a Bibliophile as there have been some issues with the blog and some commentors.  However I will be continueing to review books and taking early reviewers at my new site: I would love if all of my followers would follow me on over to my bew blog!  Hoping to post my frist review there in a day or two!  Hope to see you all there!!!!!

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Giveaway on JKaye’s Book Blog

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JKaye is giving away a free copy of Double Cross By: James Patterson!  For more details and to enter visit her blog here:

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premios_dardoI just wanted to belatedly (very belatedly)  thank JKayes book blog for giving me this award in January.  I feel horrible for responding so late.  Please visit her page here: and enjoy, her blog is absolutely wonderful!

The Man who Loved Books Too Much By: Allison Hoover Bartlett

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Another wonderful book that I have recieved to review.

The author takes you through her fact finding journey.  She is learning about collectors and what is to be a collector of books.  She happens upon a story about a book theif names John Charles Gilkey who has stolen many rare books from book fairs and stores all around the country. 

 She also befriends Ken Sanders who describes himself as the Book Cop.  Ken Sanders is a rare book collector and also operates a book store.  He attempts to hunt down people who steal his and others books.  He has been hunting John Gilkey for years.

As the story progresses the author takes us through the world of book obsessed collectors.  Some who would do anything for their next find.   She explores the love of books and the lure that they have for people who collect them.  She takes us into the world of literary obsession and it is almost impossible to emerge without wanting to collect some books of your own!


This book is a must read for collectors as well as people who just love books.  After reading the first page you sill be sucked into this world and won’t want to leave until the very end!

Bending Towards the Sun By: Leslie Gilbert-Lurie and Rita Lurie

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Unfortunatly I couldn’t find a picture of the cover for this book. 


Bending Towards the Sun is a wonderufl story about hope,courage, love, and family.  The first part of the book is told from Rita Laurie’s point of view. She is a Holocaust survivor and as I read this I recieved the message that life is well worth living no matter how hard it may get at times.  That we should cherish everyday that we have to live, breath, and love.

Rita’s part of the story is a heart-break yet touching memoir of the life that she lived before and during the Holocaust.  Rita strived to find solace and happiness in even the darkest of places.  Hers is an inspirational story with the simple but clear life lesson that one should never give up hope.

The second part of this story is told by Rita’s daughter Leslie.  Her story is one of a child who wants to please and take care of her mother.  Leslie takes us through her life and tells us of all that she has experienced on her own while trying to be her own person as well as what she had learned and experienced with her mother and family. 

There was one quote from the book that I haven’t been able to get out of my head and would like to share it here: “while life is rarely perfect, individuals have the strangth to over come setbacks, to love instead of hate, and to influence others to be better human beings.”  I found this quote particularly inspirational and I don’t believe that I will ever forget this heart wrenching story. 


This is a wonderful book and is a must read for people young and old.  Bending Toward the Sun is the account of the Holocaust from one survivors point of view and should be right next to The Diary of Anne Frank on reading lists.

Newest Addition

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acircleofsoulsI just recieved this book from its author.  This is not the cover that is on my copy but I have seen rave reviews about this one and can’t wait to begin reading it.  I will hopefull get this done by the end of next week.  I have a wedding on Saturday and a bunch of things to do before that…  So unfortunatley I won’t have much reading time after tomorrow through Sunday.