The Man who Loved Books Too Much By: Allison Hoover Bartlett

Another wonderful book that I have recieved to review.

The author takes you through her fact finding journey.  She is learning about collectors and what is to be a collector of books.  She happens upon a story about a book theif names John Charles Gilkey who has stolen many rare books from book fairs and stores all around the country. 

 She also befriends Ken Sanders who describes himself as the Book Cop.  Ken Sanders is a rare book collector and also operates a book store.  He attempts to hunt down people who steal his and others books.  He has been hunting John Gilkey for years.

As the story progresses the author takes us through the world of book obsessed collectors.  Some who would do anything for their next find.   She explores the love of books and the lure that they have for people who collect them.  She takes us into the world of literary obsession and it is almost impossible to emerge without wanting to collect some books of your own!


This book is a must read for collectors as well as people who just love books.  After reading the first page you sill be sucked into this world and won’t want to leave until the very end!

~ by Melody on September 2, 2009.

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