The Black Jewels Trilogy By: Anne Bishop

BlackjewelA wonderful series of books by Anne Bishop.

I When I first picked up these books the only fantasy I had really read was Harry Potter. The first time I read them i was 15. I loved them then and searched for a copy of the books for my own. I just recently found them at a bookstore and bought them. While rereading them I feel in love with them all over again.

Bishop doesn’t sugar coat the feelings of her characters and I would not recommend this book for anyone under the age of 17. Although I did read them reather young I don’t believe that others should do the same unless their parents approve because there is some rather explict content. But Bishop will take you through many feelings with her characters and you will either love or hate certain ones. Some you may even love to hate! The story of Jaenelle Angelline and her wonderfully magnificent life will make you cry, shudder, and laugh until you cry!

Bishop lets you see through all of the characters eyes, she doesn’t just stick to one. And I believe that is one of the best things about her writing.

Jaenelle is a young child when the story starts. Her family doesn’t believe the fanciful tales she tells and they have her locked up in a home for mentally disturbed children. But while she is out she wanders around the realms that Bishop has created so artfully and meets the other wonderful characters. Saeten, The high lord of Hell, among other things take the child Jaenelle under his wing to teach her craft. Someone whose name will make you think he is cold is actually a delightful character full of warmth and happiness.

Daemon Sadi is a pleasure slave kept under the power of an evil queen and his only dream is to serve a queen who he can love and will love him back.

Lucivar Yasalana is and Eyrien Warload who, becuase of his parentage, is being kept as a slave in another part of the realm and also has the dream of a Queen he would love to serve.

Together and with the other characters in this book the bring about the ultimate Dream.

I would recommend this for fatansy lovers and even non fantasy lovers. It is wonderful. There are three books in this one and they only get better as they go along. You will fall for the characters in the first book and grow to love them through the rest!

~ by Melody on June 29, 2009.

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