Dreams Made Flesh By: Anne Bishop

DMFDreams Made Flesh is a sequel to her wonderful BLack Jewels Trilogy.


While this books was not what I was expecting it was still a wonderful addition to the Black Jewels Novels. 

The books goes back and forth between characters, not picking up right after the end of the las tbook in the trilogy.  It is listed as the 5th book in the set but from what I was told ‘The Invisible Ring” does not have to be read before this book. 

This book tells four different stories. 

The first is titled “Wearver of Dreams” and is a wonderful peek at the origins of the Blood.  It tells the story of the dragons and of the gold spiders who became the Dream Weavers.  It is defiantley worth the read but is very short compared to the other books.


The Second is a wonderful story titled ‘The Prince of Ebon Rih’ which is noted underneath the title to ‘take place after the events in Heir to the Shadows’ which is the second book in the Black Jewels Trilogy. The Prince of Ebon Rih is the story of how Lucivar came to be married to his wife Marian.  It is a wonderful tale that will make you weep and laugh.  You feel feel the love of those two kindle as you go through the story. 

The Third is a tale from Saetans past called ‘Zuulaman’.  To give any description of this I fear I would give it away and I do not want to do that.  But if you wondered what happend to Saetan’s lost son that he hints towards in the other books this a wonderful must read and will show you another side of Saetan.

The Last is titled ‘Kaleer’s Heart’ and picks up right where the Black Jewels Trilogy left off.  With the love between Daemon and Jaenelle and is another must read.  The characters that you have loved are back in this book and you will fall in love with them all over again.  You will feel anxious maybe envious, but this is a must read for all Black Jewel  and Anne Bishop fans!

~ by Melody on June 29, 2009.

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