Tithe By: Holly Black

Tithe is a wonderful Faerie tale that will pull you into the story with the first page. 

Kaye is her mother’s keeper.  She takes care of her, follows her around and trys to keep her out of trouble.  But when her mother’s newest boyfriend decides to pull a knife on her in a bar Kaye and her mother decided it would be best to go home to New Jersey where Kaye grew up.  Once they arrive there odd things start happening around Kaye.  She remembers somethings from when she was little but now that she is sixteen years old everything just seems a little more odd.

On her way home from a party gone bad Kaye stumbles upon Roiben, who is badly hurt and in need of her help.  She does everything she can to help him and effectivly saves him.  He offers to answer three questions for her in repayment.  After that meeting things start becoming even more strange and she finds out something new about herself.

Holly Black is truely a talented writer.  This story is great and you will not want to put it down after you read the first page.

~ by Melody on January 12, 2009.

One Response to “Tithe By: Holly Black”

  1. Oh yes! I have this one on my reading list!

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