Elsewhere By: Gabrielle Zevin

When we die where do we go? 

When Liz wakes up on the SS Nile she thinks she is dreaming.  She makes a couple of friends and then they hit land.  Not knowing if she wasnted to stay on the boat or not she tried to hid but was then discovered.  After leaving the boat she went to live with her grandmother.

Liz was at first depressed.  But after a while things start looking up.  There are a few things that happen in her afterlife that she isn’t to sure about.  But when someone else enters her life she feels it fall apart. 

Elsewhere is a wonderfully written story and extreamly imaginative.  It really makes you wonder what is out there and you will be drawn into the story from page one.  I do recommend this book to other readers.

~ by Melody on January 8, 2009.

One Response to “Elsewhere By: Gabrielle Zevin”

  1. I really enjoy books that stretch your imagination too. 🙂

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