Kissed by an Angel By: Elizabeth Chandler

 I am going to count this book as one on my Challenge but it has three books inside which is why I am going to post three different reviews because my opinions on the books differ.

Kissed by an Angel is a wonderful story about Ivy, a girl who believes in angels and is afraid of water.  Ivy is interested in Tristan. The star swimmer of the school but she is afraid he doesn’t know he exists.  Tristan is extrmely interested in Ivy but he too doesn’t think she knows he exists.  They start to become friends after Ivy’s mother marry’s her stepfather and Ivy and her little brother move into his house.  He new Step-Brother Gregory seems to not like Ivy, but that starts to change as well.  After Tristan and Ivy’s little brother Philip become fast friends at Ivy’s Mother’s wedding things for Ivy and Tristan become a little less awkward and other things begin to happen.  After Tristan and Ivy start fall in love tragedy befalls Ivy’s family.  Gregory needs her more than ever and is trying hard to stay close to her, but then a fatal accident takes Tristan away from her and Ivy starts to need Gregory.  Tristan is brought back to earth as an angel and he has a mission but he isn’t exactly sure what that is.  When he starts learning how to use his powers he discovers that his car accident wasn’t an accident, it was murder.

I was not very impressed with this book.  The story is a beautiful story about love lost, friendship, and family but I didn’t think there was as much emotion as I would have liked.  The writer didn’t pull me into the lives of the characters like other books have, I didn’t feel close to them at all.

The Second book, The Power of Love.  Was also centered around Ivy and Tristan.  Ivy is getting closer and closer to Gregory and her best Friend Suzanne is not happy about it, she has been obsessed with gregory for months.  Ivy is hanging out with Gregory’s friends more and more and is being harrassed by his best friend Eric.  Tristan is still trying to master his powers so he can keep Ivy safe, but he is still not sure from who.  And Lacey (another angel who is helping Tristan) is being annoying and enjoys playing tricks on everyone.  There are attempts made to take Ivy’s life and tristan has learned to reach her through other people.  He can “possess” (for lack of a better word) people that Lacey calls radios and Ivy’s friends Beth and Will are two that Tristan uses often to help Ivy.  But Tristan didn’t think that Will had feelings for Ivy and didn’t expect to be jealous.

Both Ivy and Tristan start making connections between the events that lead up to his death and the things that are happening now.  Ivy’s life is in mortal danger from someone who is close to her, it is up to Tristan and Philip to save her life and they just make it.  Now Ivy’s family thinks she tried to kill herself, philip is insisting that Tristan is an angel, and Will and Beth are acting really strange.  Ivy’s can’t remember what happened that night at the train station but she is trying and hopefully that will restore her belief in Angels.

Again, I was not impressed with the way this book was written, I didn’t feel the terror of Ivy’s near death experiences or the wonder philip felt when he saw the angels.  I wasn’t happy, but again, the story was good.

The third book Soulmates, was infinitely better then the first two.  Ivy is starting to peice together more and more of the puzzle that is now her life and realizes who is trying to do away with her.  She finally knows that Tristan is her guradian angel and learns to call out to him.  Ivy’s cat Ella is a major charactar in this book, things happen to her and someone is hurting her to teach Ivy a lesson.  Ivy has put her trust in Will and Beth and has realized that she might be falling in love with Will.  Sizanne is still not happy with Ivy because of Gregory and discovers them in a bad situation in her room the night of her party, Gregory gets ever more manipulative with every page you turn.

Soulmates was much better then the first two books.  I felt myself starting to fell what the characters felt and I also started to really get into the book, I wasn’t able to put it down.  The writer did a very good job with Soulmates and I was very impressed that it exceeded my expectations.  You do have to read the first two books in order to understand the third, but it is worth it.

~ by Melody on January 6, 2009.

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  1. I only read the first part of this review. I am reading this book too, but I am only halfway through the second story. I don’t want to know what happens. 🙂 I feel differently about the first book. I am loving it all. I did catch that book three is better than the first two, so you really have me excited.

  2. I loved every book in the trilogy. I do agree and I loved the third more than the others, but they will still amazing. I finished all eight hundered pages in a week! I would love for her to write a continuation on the book, in Lacy’s point of view. Because as much as I love listening to Ivy and Tristan, I think their story is told and Lacy needs to go on.

  3. I read this book when I was in middle school. Now I am in graduate school. It still remains impressed upon me as I think about what books I loved growing up. This is one of them. Often I have re-named it… “Tristan and Ivy.” To this day, my sister and I refer to it as such. Anyone who doesn’t like it should imagine they are a young girl. It left quite an impression.

  4. Omg……am on my hundred n something page and I can’t stop reading it….its so good… I heard that the other two books are better so I can’t wait to get there…..

  5. I got this book aroind two weeks ago. It took me two weeks and two days to finsih. I honestly loved the book from the start. In the begging, the author seemed like a new author. Like you siad, i couldn’t realize understand what most of the charchters were going through. But once i got to the second book ,and the third book i started to love this book! I have also realized that the book has a major compariosn with Gossip girl and Twilight. In Gossip girl, Sereena Vanderwoodsen’s mother remaires into a rich family with a man who has a son named Chuck. Chuck is almost like Gregory in many ways. As i was read “Kissed by an angle” Gregory and CHuck seemed like the same person to me. Also Sereena has a younger brother and a bestfriend who is verry much like Suzan.

    The book reminded me of twilight becuase of the whole love story. Also I saw alot of comparisons wuith Ivy and the main charhcter Bella in twilgiht. they almost had the same addituide in life. It was a good book but i think the author took to much from other books and shows. There were some quotes out of the book that i remember clearly reading in Twilgiht. Not to menchening in the book, numrous times it says the word TWILIGHT. As if the author was trying to implicate that she was a fan of the seris or something.

    It was a very good book with a very good plot line and well put together chachtrers. I jsut think the author is new and writing and this was her first book. She did a great job and i would deffiantely recomentd this book to someone who likes mystery or love. Ecspeically Twilgiht fans. Deffiantely a good book for Twilgiht fans 🙂

  6. I read this book and I thought that it was AMAZING! I liked all of the books in fact! I think that Elizabeth Chandler is an awesome writer! I made a post about this book on my blog I also made a post about the last 2, so if you don’t want me to spoil the ending you might not want to look! I really like your blog, and will be coming he a lot I think! Thanks!

  7. To the person above me, this book was written BEFORE twilight. Am I the only one who reads the copyright? well, I am a huge Twilight fan, and I can tel you (seeing as I read each book in the Twilight Saga four times) this book is completely different.

    Maybe I’m a fast reader but i started it on Saturday and finished it Monday night. I only stopped for Mother’s Day dinner.

    This book was written before both of those books you mentioned if I am not mistaken, so please learn the facts before you critize the author.

    Honestly, I liked it better than twilight, and I am one of the biggest Twilight fans I know. BUT I WISH people to stop comparing books with Twilight. It could be a girl moved to a small town, and someone will go “OMG, THEY COPIED TWILIGHT!” Was twilight the first book you ever read? That happens in almost ALL the books I read.

    UGH. Just next time please get you facts straight before you critize an author that wrote a phenomenal book.

    *****AND I agree, the third book was the best alough, I still loved all three!

  8. i luv this book it is amazing!!!one of the best!!!

  9. i luv twilight lol and kissed by an angle!!!!!!!!!!


  11. this book was soo good but so sad at the same time…TRISTAN NOOOO!! i was so sad…im doing a report on it and i cant find an example for the tone of the author…any suggestions?

  12. Kissed by an angel was published in 1995 and twilight was published after that. I saw a lot if similarities between the two books also. Like beth and her future telling watever and how it’s almost like she says the things Ivy was thinking like Edward and Alice. Kissed by an angel was great! Definately my favorite book even better than twilight. It really displayed the passionate emotion between the protagonists, Tristan and Ivy. I just wish their relationship when Tristan was alive lasted longer 😦 but totally great and really detailed! Hope you read it it’s totally awesome!

  13. I finished the book today. From the very beginning I was completely lost in the book. I couldn’t read every word fast enough. I took it in restaurants and stores, refusing to let go of the book. The end, however, I found to be a grave disappointment. I mean the entire story was based on the fact that Tristan and Ivy’s bond was so strong, so real that even death couldn’t stop how much he loved her and wanted to protect her. A bond that strong would surely go beyond his death, or rather his passage from this world to the next.

    I strongly disagree that Twilight fans will love this. I myself have read the Twilight fanatic! Wanting to be a writer myself, Stephenie Meyer is my inspiration. And while there’s no doubt in my mind that Elizabeth is a great writer, I would ask that she study her very concept. Twilight and Romeo and Juliet, and Pride and Prejudice and all these widely famous stories spread across time all hold one basic timeless idea. And that is love means more. It goes past death in the form of Edward Cullen becoming a vampire, to Romeo and Juliet and their love going beyond a life that wouldn’t let them be together, to love proving to go beyond pride and prejudice and all those other emotions which reject affection through the timeless characters of Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. What do all these stories have in common. They prove that love goes beyond all limits of the mind and of the physical world. In this book she limits that idea to death. This was a grave disappointment.

  14. Stephanie, this book was written in 1995. That’s about 10 years before Twilight even came out. If anything, Stephanie Meyer took the idea of Ivy and Tristan’s relationship! I loved this book! I finished in just a little over two days!! I couldn’t put it down!! I just loved how it made me fall for all the characters, and made me change my mind all the time about who to trust!! I liked this book a lot better than Twilight!! It only comes behind the Harry Potter books!! They are and will always be my favorite books!!

  15. hey, i got this book a couple days ago, and just finished. i just couldn’t put it down. you were right, the third is the best, but i think the other two were still really good. i think the author did a wonderful job.

    who is ivy’s soul mate, though. is it Tristan, or Will.

  16. I love this series. It’s my favorite of all series! The first book was published in 1995, and twilight in 2004, so she couldn’t have been a fan of the series. It was very intense to me. It has stuck to me. I can’t stop thinking about it (Maybe because I”m a girl). I looked at it as more of a thriller with love intertwined. It wasn’t very romantic in my view, which is good. I highly recommend it.

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