2009 TBR Challenge

This challenge is to read 12 book off of your TBR list in 12 months.  If you want to join or learn more about this challenge visit http://tbrchallenge.blogspot.com/2008/12/are-you-ready-2009-sign-ups-now-open.html

1. Anna Karenina By: Leo Tolstoy

2. Wuthering Heights By: Emily Bronte

3. The Midnight Club By: James Patterson

4. Wicked By: Gregory MaGuire

5. Confessions of an Ugly Step Sister By: Gregory MaGuire

6. Bridget Jones’ Diary

7.The Wildflowers Quartet By: V.C. Andrews

8. The Cronicles of Narnia By: C.S. Lewis

9.Rosemary’s Baby By; Ira Levin

10.The Time Travelers Wife By: Audrey Neffenegger

11. Bitter Blood By: Jerry Bledsoe

12:100 Hairraising Horror Stories By: Multiple Authors.


1. Inkspell By: Cornerlia Funke

2.White Oleander By:Janet Fitch

3. Insomnia By: Stephen King

4. Needful Things By: Stephen King

5 . The Door to December By: Dean Koontz

6. Nineteen Minutes By: Jodi Picoult

7. Something Blue By: Emily Giffin

8. Sometyhing Borrowed By: Emily Giffin

9: Baby Proof By: Emily Giffin

10: Love the one Your With By: Emily Giffin

11. Pride and Prejudice By: Jane Austen

12. Oliver Twist By: Charles Dickens

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