Scarpetta By: Patricia Cornwell

Another wonderful book from this exceptional author.

If you are a follower of Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series you will need to read this book.  As we have followed Kay Scarpetta we have learned of her demeanor, her friends, and her profession. Her niece Lucy is the bright light in her life and her new Husband Benton Wesley is her best friend.

As we follow Scarpetta in another great story we find that there are still many things about er we do not know, and we also see her thrown back together with Marino on a case that will take you through loops!  With Lucy’s new love interest and Marino’s new lifestyle you will be pleasantly surprised at everything that happens and you will constantly be on the edge of your seat.

Dr. Kay Scarpetta gave up her practice in Charleston, North Carolina and take up an assignment in New York with the NYPD.  She was asked to examine a patient in Bellevue’s psychiatric ward, Oscar Bane, who specifically asked for her.  She finds herself in a situation because he is her patient and is not under arrest, so she cannot share the bizarre story that he tells her as she examines him.

While trying to figure out exactly who is a murderer Scarpetta has other issues with Gotham Gotcha, a website that is known for the gossip that they put on their page.  A particularly nasty story about her hits the page as well as the story about her and Marino.  Kay believes that she has gotten over her issues with Marino but has she really?  She is about to find out.

Lucy is working on the case as well and is brought in to do computer work.  Trying to find out how the killer found his victims, maybe by Internet.  As she is looking through on of the victims computers she finds something that scares and angers her.  Something that might mean horrible things for her Aunt Kay.  As she goes over the files to see where they originated from she find more and more information that leads us into a spiral of whodunits.

As the story comes to a close everyone makes new friends, new enemies, and comes together with some old friends once again.  Things are peaceful, somewhat as everyone tries to get used to the way things are going to be, but they may also be missing one of their numbers.  But I suppose we will see in the end.

~ by Melody on December 19, 2008.

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