Lightning By: Dean Koontz

Laura Shane was a special child who grew up to be a special and wonderful adult.  Her mother had died giving birth to her and her father had raised her.  She was destined to be an orphan and therefore was made one when events seems to transpire against her.

In the fated night that Laura was born her mothers primary doctor was held up and not able to deliver her, while her father holds her in the nursery a strange man seems to be paying special attention to Laura, it made her father uneasy.  Eight years later something dangerous seems to be on the horizon and Laura and her father seem to be on the brink of death, but here the mysterious man appears again. 

Years and Years pass and Laura Shane seems to have some mysterious guardian angel who takes care of her and protects her from danger. But one night Laura finds herself thrown into a whole new world full of very strange things, and she finally gets to meet her guardian angel.

Dean Koontz will take you into the story and make you want to never put it down.  You will follow the entire spectrum of emotions as you read through this captivating tome.

~ by Melody on December 11, 2008.

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