Twilight The Movie

 Twilight Movie Poster                                    .The day before Thanksgiving I saw the movie. 

Compared to other movies it stayed true to the book.  However, there were some scenes that were not in the book at all.  But that was expected.  The story is still the same it just moves a little faster.  Some key aspects are changed.  I did not think that the Cullens characters were true to the descriptions in Ms. Meyers writing but they were wonderful actors. 

Bella and Edwards story was portrayed well, with one exception.  She is seen in a tank top and underpants.  One of the things that is special about Twilight is it is clean!  There was no need for that scene at all. 

A few people I have talked to said that the make-up was overdone, but in my opinon the make up was fine, they are supposed to look ghost white! 

Spoilers Ahead!


In the beginning of the movie when Edward is supposed to look like he is anger or in pain from the burning thirst, I think he just looks like he is going to be sick! 

There were a lot of 360 scenes, but that was the fault of the director. It got a lttle disorienting.  I found myself comparing both the movie and the book a lot, that will be another post later on.

Another thing that really bothered me (and others that I have talked to) was at the end Carlisle had to talk Edward out of draining Bella completely of blood.  That was something Edward should have done on his own.

There are many things I felt disappointed about but all in all, if you look at the movie and the book as separate entities, the movie was at the least good.

I would wait for it to come out on DVD though.  It isn’t worth the fee to get into the movie theater.

But please don’t get me wrong.  The books are wonderful, and the movie is too.  But the ten dollars for the movie tickets is pushing it just because there is not as much detail in the movie as the book.

~ by Melody on November 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Twilight The Movie”

  1. I really look forward to seeing this movie!

  2. Hi Ms_Bella!

    Do I dare ask where the LT name came from? LOL I am working my way through the Twilight series on my MP3 player. Getting ready to start the 3rd one. I will watch it when it comes out on DVD. Sometimes it is disappointing to see a movie when you have the characters set in your mind from the book.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and welcome to the blogosphere!

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