Breaking Dawn By: Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn is the wonderful conclusion to the Twilight Saga. It is a great as the first three books if not better, although be on guard the view point might change!



Bella Swan is now overcoming her fear of marrying Edward. She is looking forward to the honeymoon afterwards. Though something happen that noone thought was possible! Jacob finds his soulmate in an unlikely place and the Cullen family might just have another problem on their hands. How can they over come it? With all of the love and excitement you experience in the first 3 books you will feel even more in this one. It is a must read for any twilight lover and you will yet again, not want to put it down!
*SPOILERS AHEAD* This is a more detailed review for those who have read Breaking Dawn already, I am going over the major issues in the book as well as putting my reactions to the major issues out there.  If you have not read Breaking Dawn do not continue… sorry if this causes any inconviences.
There are many interesting plot points when it comes to reading Breaking Dawn. 
1. Edward and Bella’s Marriage
2. Reneseme
3. Bella getting her wish
4. Jacob finding his true love.
1. While some people might not like the fact that Edward and Bella got married I felt that it was needed. It was a wonderful thing to have everyone accept Edwar and Bella as a couple (finally) and them getting the love and relationship that they deserve.  I believe that the wedding is a symbol of the ever growing and maturity of Edward and Bella’s love because now, in their relationship they are equals.  I believe that Twilight was about falling in love, New Moon was about losing love and Eclipse was about choosing love.  Breaking Dawnis about commiting to love.
2. Renesme is a wonderful addition to the Cullen family.  The fact that Edward and Bella had her is something that could never be replaced with any other knowledge.  Renesme brings the closer then they ever thought possible and even charms everyone around her.  She is the one thing that was missing from all of the Cullens lives. The one thing that the family who has everything did not have.  A biological child. 
3. Bella gets her wish to become a vampire.  She is made into a vampire following the birth of her child.  Edward saves her and brings her back to “life”.  In the past books, Bella is the damsel in distress, always in need of saving.  A fact that many people seemed to have some problem with.  Now she is the one who is helping protect the ones she loves, and it is wonderful that she can do that.  She is still as in love with Edward as she ever was, maybe more.    We see in this book that Edward does not want Bella to be the damsel in distress, that he is happy to have her strong and able to care for herself.  For those who liked to nit pick at Edward domineering trait, you will see that it was truely only out of protectiveness for her and not because that is how he wanted to be or how he thinks relationships should be.
4. Jacob finds his true love.  In the most unlikely of places.  Jacob imprints on Renesme and learns that his attraction for Bella has faded once she has given birth.  I find this endearing because the story is told and everyone finds their happy ending (even if Jacob has to wait a few years for his to be complete). 
I also just want to mention again that I am very impressed and enjoy throughly Ms. Meyers ability to write.  She deserves all of the support from her readers as she can get!

~ by Melody on November 16, 2008.

One Response to “Breaking Dawn By: Stephenie Meyer”

  1. this book was definately not one of my favorites…it seems to me like she crammed a bunch of things in at once just to get it over with so she didnt have to write anymore books…not tha i dont loooove stephenie meyer but she has done better

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