New Moon By: Stephenie Meyer


New Moon is the captivating sequel to Twilight which was the beginning of Stephenie Meyers’ wonderful world of mystical vampires and love.

Yet another book to be added to my favorites list and just as wonderful as the first.

The book starts out showing us how comfortable Bella is with the Cullen family. Her love for Edward is stronger then ever and she is a little sulky about turning eighteen.

Noted in my review of Twilight I love Stephenie Meyers writing technique and I am yet again going to praise her for her ability to write.

At the end of Twilight Bella is recovering from a vampire attack that Edward has saved her from, we continue in New Moon with Bella’s Birthday. After Bella (being her clumsy endearing self) gives herself a paper cut the Cullen family needs to evacuate their mansion, Carlisle takes care of Bella but as this is happening Edward comes to the conclusion that he is more a danger to Bella then anything else.

After talking himself out of staying he tells Bella about his decisions and that he and his family are leaving. Bella did not take this well. Is is horrible to read through the heartbreak that Bella feels especially when you love the characters, you feel like you are living it your self.

After being a “zombie” for awhile Bella starts trying to find ways to put herself in danger, there is a reason behind this but I do not want to spoil the entire book! Bella starts spending time with her old friend Jacob Black and comes to think of him as “her personal sun”. Jacob and Bella become very close as the story moves along and Bella starts to realize that Jacob thinks of her differently then she feels about him. She tries very hard to make herself clear about how their relationship is in her eyes and how she is not ready and Jacob becomes distant. There is a bad bout of the flu going around Forks and Bella is sure this is why Jacob is not returning her calls or answering the phone. After living without him the pain that she feels because of Edwards absence returns worse then ever and Bella won’t just wait for Jacob anymore. She camps out at his house until he comes out and talks to her.

Bella eventually learns that Jacob is a werewolf and that he has been running around trying to catch a vampire, James’ mate Victoria, but Jacob and his “brothers” do not know what the “bloodsucker” is after. After hearing this Bella informs Jacob and his pack that the Vampire Victoria is after her.

Bella starts spending the majority of her time at La Push, where she can be kept safe. As she is standing on the beach she decides to do something extremely dangerous, and frankly somewhat stupid. But that is the only way and she is convinced about that( another try to keep from spoiling a certain part.)

Alice comes home, expecting to find a grief stricken Charlie and Bella no longer with the living. Instead she gets a surprise. Rosalie contacts Edward to tell him why Alice went back to Forks and causes Edward to spiral into a depression almost as great as Bella’s when he left her. He decides to go to Italy, to bargain with the Volturi.

Alice and Bella race to save Edward But will they be in time? Even if they are in time will Edward still want Bella after all is said and done?

This book will keep you riveted to you seat. I did have the urge to put it down because it was very hard to deal with the heartbreak of Bella but you will be rewarded with a wonderful story when you pull through. I rated this book with 5 stars and believe it is a wonderful addition to your library and Stephenie Meyers magically wonderful world!

~ by Melody on November 15, 2008.

One Response to “New Moon By: Stephenie Meyer”

  1. this book…was beautiful…i cried with bella…i laughed with bella…i even held my chest together with bella when edward left…very touching…i have been i jacob fan ever since this book

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