Eclipse By: Stephenie Meyer

With Edward back in her life, and Alice’s promise to make her a vampire Bella’s reality seems to be looking up. Although Victoria hasn’t been caught and she knows she is in danger Bella cannot help but feel at least a little optimistic.
This story centers around both the Edward and Bella relationship and the Bela and Jacob relationship. Even though her new best friend is a werewolf Bella does not understand why she cannot see him or hang out with him anymore. Edward tries to explain to Bella that he thinks young werewolves are to dangerous but Bella being Bella does not listen and goes to visit Jacob in La Push. When Victoria gets near and odd things start happening there is a forced werewolf/vampire truce that is introduced to keep the people of Forks safe.
Jacob and Bella’s relationship gets ever more complicated and Edward and Bella’s love for each other seems just as strong as always. But how do you choose between two people who love you without hurting the other?
Bella makes her decision, and ends up trying to keep her relationships with both strong but at some point one relationship seems to be doomed.
With graduation looming on the horizon, which also means the date of Bella’s transformation Edward gives her an offer that she cannot refuse. He will change her, she does not have to go to have Carlisle do it. But there are conditions. She marry him! This thought horrifies Bella as her mother has always taught her to cringe away from any mention of marriage before the the age of thirty. But she makes a decision and gives him a condition of her own.
While life is playing out in Forks mysterious murders are being credited to a serial killer in Seattle. Edward and his family seem to know more about the murders than anyone else and this is explained to Bella. Alice’s visions go a little awry when someone sneaks into Bella’s room when she is not home but miraculously leave Charlie alive. Things get a little hectic as the story continues and a heart seems to be broken.



Another wonderful story from Stephenie Meyer, she never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a story for of loss, hope , love and bizarre mythical creatures! How can anyone top that! A must read for Meyer andVampire fans.

~ by Melody on November 15, 2008.

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