Twilight By: Stephenie Meyer

I absolutely loved this book. It has since become one of my favorites.

“Twilight” By: Stephenie Meyer was a wonderful love story. I have read contradicting reviews and I feel that I need to clarify some of the details from a point of view that is not degrading towards the book. Stephenie Meyer is a very talented author and deserves recongnition for that. Her characters come to life and the world she creates pulls you in and you do not want to leave!

The main character Isabella Swan is a wonderfully developed. She is clumsy and puts others above herself. Which I believe is an admirable trait. When one only thinks about themselves then that person is considered self-centered, but yet people believe that when someone puts others before herself they are a “spoiled martyr”. I do not believe that. Yes, it is good to think of yourself every once in a while but when your put others before yourself you feel you are making them happy. I am guilty of that myself. I would rather others be happy instead of getting everything I want. But does that make Bella a bad person? No, I do not believe it does.
I love the fact that this book is centered towards teen girls for many reasons, but this is one of the important ones. The world does not revolve around you, so please every once in a while think of what your mom or family member might want.

Of course in every romance novel there is a love interest. Edward Cullen is a gorgeous vampire who conquers his thirst for Bella’s blood. This shows self control. I have read other reviews that claim this is anti-feminist because Bella let’s Edward take care of her, and make some decisions for her. She is completely infatuated with him. Now do not get the wrong idea that is not how all relationships should go, but I know from experience that they do go that way when you are in your teens, another reason that this book is wonderful. It comes from a teen perspective, most romance books tend to be trashy and at the very least “R” rated. Ms. Meyer does a wonderful job of keeping the novel PG-13 if not PG. Yes, Edward does not push Bella away from him for her own safety which some would have preferred but her does show a vast amount of self-control when it comes to Bella and he does his best to take care of her. He is very very old fashioned and that, I believe, is why some people view him as cruel or arrogant but if you can read between the lines you see that he is actually caring and also self sacrificing, he would rather live through his pain to keep Bella safe.

The chemistry between the characters is something special. Most people think that the only chemistry is looks. But it is a proven fact is real life that if you do not find someone attractive then you most likely will not connect with them on any other level either. Bella and Edward start off because yes, like everyone else, Bella finds Edward inhumanely beautiful. Edward on the other hand falls in love with Bella because she is the one human he just can’t seem to stay away from. It is a wonderful love connection that broadens as you read the book. Other things they have in common is a love for music, a dislike for television, and a love for books.

Twilight is a wonderful literary creation and in my eyes is unparalleled so far. Stephenie Meyer is a wonderfully talented author and I know I will read anything she published. Her writing style is unique and should not be compared to other writers.

Twilight is a wonderful addition to any library as long as the reader enters with an open mind and does not base all opinions on themselves and what they believe is right, the book is fantasy after all, and if you can not put yourself in the mind set of an amorous teenager then you might not enjoy it but it is definitely worth a read!

~ by Melody on November 14, 2008.

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